Love magic, Sexual magic, Family magic

What worries us most? It's us, our happiness.
After all, if a person is unhappy If he is alone, if he suffers from unrequited love or feels pain and despair from the same love, then it is difficult to live without the desire to go to the robot, there is no desire to strive for something new, there is no desire to conquer high peaks, do not want to live and develop. And that would be who did not say that he is good and one is not so bad Because it is so conceived by nature that a woman no matter what she was not independent, can not without a man. And a man can not without a woman Even if he considers himself free and independent. Loneliness is KILLING us.

If you can not attract the attention of a loved one can bewitch him.

When properly carried out the ritual spell effect persists for a long amount of time, with further weakening of the spell, he recovers with a special ritual. 

But when improperly performed ritual either nothing happens, or the problems begin. In men, it is pathological jealousy, drunken alcoholism, aggression, sexual impotence, unemployment, lack of money, early death. A woman who has performed the ritual in an illiterate manner also suffers from her blood relatives: parents, children, brothers, sisters, etc.

Love spell - Love influence can be directed to the human mind. In this case, the object is inspired by obsessive thoughts about the need for the customer, his need to be close. It is also possible to influence the emotional sphere (heart). This direction will give the result in the form of constant oppressive longing, tides of tenderness and emotional experiences similar to the feelings of natural love.

For love in the family - If you are not alone, but not too happy in a relationship there was coldness and misunderstanding, frequent quarrels and other problems, then, first of all, you need to check for the presence of magical negativity.So how often do a pair of resorce in order to get your husband or just to break up your family because of envy, or hatred, or argument (often made by neighbors)

Rites of passage on the search for the second halves of and on marriage

Often there are situations when a person does not try but can not arrange his personal life 

Here you need to know exactly what a person as there are damage to loneliness and ancestral curses/damage etc.

If a person is not spoiled and just can not stop at one on whom it is, and all the time in the search for Rituals to search for the second half and marriage That will help lonely people to find their happiness. 

Do not forget that to Carry out such a ceremony is only if you have no negative, because the reason for loneliness may lie in it. If you do not have the negativity that closes You off from the opposite sex, you can rush to his love life.

Call -If You need to see, hear the right person use the Calls. The Call itself is initially aimed at the fact that a loved one came to you, met you or called, wrote.

Lapel and Resorce – the opposite of love magic. It is intended to disgust everyone in a couple or one of them in order to destroy the relationship. Most often used in the fight against rivals / rivals.
С этой же целью делают рассорки. Они призваны посеять раздор и вечные конфликты между партнерами.

Resorce often used outside the interests of love-if you want to quarrel friends, colleagues, relatives.

The ceremony is held astudy rivals in order to suppress their feelings, cool to the partner and the customer. Ostuda for itself In the destruction of love in his heart of longing for man - ostudy for themselves turn to the case of unrequited love. The ritual will help to stop human suffering and calm his heart.

If you are unsure of your relationship with a partner , it is better not to make a spell, because it is very difficult to change the situation after the spell. In addition, the spell affects sexual relationships, not emotional. After the spell your partner will want from you only sex, not heat, affection, emotional and spiritual intimacy, but only physiology. Like animals. 

So it is Not necessary to make the spell Obey the sayings "NOT KNOWING the FORD, do NOT GO INTO the WATER" it says from not knowing what forces you're working during a self love spell, you can very easily get himself in trouble or on his entire clan. And the worst thing is to call the essence which will take you to the grave you can't do the spell Yourself if you don't know how to do it.....